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   Tap your memory, spill your heart, send your stories.


   This site is the work of Rich Thomas and Bill Cook.  We sought yarns from our own Washington bureau first.  It was the only email list we had, and we wanted to publish before the annual alumni brunch we hold down here in December.


   But the site should include memories from anyone who worked anywhere in the magazine.  We already have one in from Lynn Povich in New York.  Take the time, write early and often, send as many pieces as you want.


   We were all fortunate to work at Newsweek during its glory days in print. If you were there and would like to add your story, send it along. Anecdotes, appreciations and yarns, please, no bios.  If it's around a thousand words or less and if we like it, we'll add it to this collection. Here's where we can be reached:






    Finally, a thank you to Beth Kwon, a Newsweek researcher 1996-99, and more recently Bill's daughter in law, who combed through these hurried pages looking for problems.





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